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Asia is the fastest economically growing continent in the world. With its huge potential and unbelievable capacities, it is surely ready to open new business horizons.

New business opportunities for Asia have become one of the central discussion points for the upcoming conference AIR Convention 2020. To elaborate on this issue, the conference is going to raise three additional major topics: International Markets, Profitability & Efficiency and Tech & Innovation.

Packed with a variety of cutting-edge topics and themes, the conference will continue to bring an extensive overview of the aviation industry in the region. By looking through arising challenges and pressure points in the current business environment, the conference will accommodate opinion exchange on the best practices while also building links and connections, finding unexplored market niches and sharing effective solutions.

Aviation sector professionals will take a look at the four fields that directly influence the state of the market:

air technology

AIR Tech

Finance Banking

Finance & Banking

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

HR & Training

While the four major categories will cover these specific themes individually, the conference will also have a main panel – Commercial Aviation Forum that will merge all three major areas and will overview how each of the issues revolve around each other. Furthermore, the main panel will overview the latest industry trends, progressive solutions, developing and growing business ranging from new routes and new revenues to engaging new customers in commercial aviation sectors such as:

  • Airlines
  • MROs
  • Airports
  • Aircraft & Engine Manufacturing
  • 1000+ attendees
  • 500+ airline C-level reps. from 100+ airlines
  • 100+ High profile speakers
  • 1 000mexhibition spacewith 50+ exhibition booths
  • Exclusive VIP events
  • Special networking event – Welcome Reception
  • The International Aviation Industry Awards Ceremony

Moments from previous events

Shangri-La Hotel

89 Wat Suan Phlu Alley, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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AeroTime Hub is a global multi-channel aviation digital hub paving the way forward for people-oriented aviation media and business solutions by combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, recruitment events and solutions.

Currently comprised of six brands ‒ AeroTime News, AviationCV.com, Recruitment, Events, Pilot Training and AIR Convention ‒ the hub is a digital gateway to aviation professionals and industry stakeholders.


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